Forest Fun

forest fun2

Click for Slurl to Alice Project

So I went to Alice project and fell head over heels in love with this hair. It’s so dramatic and I love love LOVE the options she allows the costumers. I decided to wear my hair dark with a little bit of light brown highlights for some color. 

I must warn though that if your’e new to purchasing from her that you read the instructions before buying because there are two options you may choose from. However I will definitely buy from her again seeing as it was well worth it… I mean look at those tresses!


forest fun

Click for link to Tiny Things market place store

     Also I am wearing a crochet dress in salmon from Tiny Things, boy oh boy do I love that store. First off all the clothes are truly priced for a girl on a serious budget.  Tiny Things is my go to store when I am in need of an outfit that will win me a costume contest lol. Available for purchase is a zombie cheerleader, pirate wench, Ghost Lady and much much more. The store owner is truly talented.

forest fun

Click for slurl to Enchanted~Unicorn Sanctuary and Magical Forest

  All clothes are between the range of 1L-50L and if you like the look of my Tata’s they are also from them! I always wear tiny things magnus ubera just love the shape of them and not too overwhelming  to look at. Most importantly they are priced outstandingly low for all that you can do with them and with the breasts comes a hud (I like huds for my boobs personally lol). Skins are sold for the magnus ubera however I found this skin with a tango applier and loved it way more which brings up the fact that not only is magnus ubera tango clothing compatible but also skin applier compatible! I was so excited when I read those words because I like to keep things simple yet neat when it comes to my avi lol. The tango compatible attachment is only 45L and well worth it in my opinion…

 For my photos I chose a beautiful forest with unicorns and waterfalls. Its just gorgeous! My photo editing is very minimal because the land is just breath taking. if you love hanging around places with wonderful natural beauty the enchanted forest is a definite must visit. As you can see unicorns are EVERYWHERE lol and they have a little quest you can do while there that might be fun.


Till next time!



The Then & Now of Boobies

A while back I had a chitty chat with a friend and one of the things we discussed were implants. First off I guess I can truly say I am a seasoned vet when it comes to wearing implants lol.  I began wearing them in 2011 and pretty much haven’t looked back since. I don’t know what brought other women to the implant community but personally I wanted something to set myself apart from others, be more curvaceous, and just feel completely  different from my previous avi.

What I ended up with (thanks to my oldest friend in sl lol) was an implant wearing chick. I won’t lie my first implant avi had some huge knockers ahahaha.  Since then I have scaled down to a more modest breast size that fits my current personality. One of the things I have loved watching over the course of my time being an implant wearer is the sudden explosion of  the community and with that of course brings so many other creators beginning to pop up, which is a very good thing!  I love the variety a busty girl is able to choose from because although we all may have one thing in common (our boobies), we do not all have the same style.

I love looking on marketplace and typing in search “tango” and coming up with sooo much stuff! I love seeing tattoos and add on’s for boobs even if it’s not my preferred style personally; I could know some ladies out there that  may love to have tattoos and nipple piercings. The point is… we have come so far and who knows what could be next for our community. Only time will tell…

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A Shop You Should Know: Zoesoo’s



Big boobie babes freebies is just a never ending source of hot wear for ladies with implants. Each time I get into the mood of hunting I can pretty much guarantee that I will find something I absolutely love. Well this week I found a little shop named Zoesoo’s and everything in there is under 99L. It was a breath of fresh air to see a place that was so inexpensive considering I was just having a little convo with a friend of mine about the rising prices of things in second life. So for the penny pinching fashionista Zoesoo’s is just the place for you.

Netted Lingerie


All the clothes I have on are just freebies from her little shop (hot pink shopping bags to the right in the store). So if you like what you see go on ahead and grab it cause trust me it only gets better from the freebies… Oh and what do you think of my new hair? Hot or hmmm? 😀

floral Jumpsuit


till next time!


Bye Bye Glitterati! :(

I don’t know if you all heard but Glitterati poses are closing their doors.  Five long yet wonderful years of quality poses… so so sad. But for those bargain hunters now is the time to stop on by and grab anything you have been wanting cause everything’s on sale up till June 1st…which means its shoulda  been over ahahah! So run run run before everything is gone. After that you can still get poses and such on the marketplace but at its original price. The slurl is below if you wanna check it out…

Shoppin Till I Drop

Hunting…shopping.. and… did I say more hunting???

shoppin till I drop

So I found a couple of good finds yesterday… One being this cute linen Palazzo pants and shirt from *AVD* and; a lovely necklace and earring set from Miss LT. Miss LT creations and studio has going on right now a sale where everything in store is 10L.

Ladies keep in mind this is for a limited time so drop everything and run immediately! She has some hot makeups, sunglasses, clothing and most importantly this beautiful set I am wearing. I snagged the fat pack but will definitely be making another trip. I mean com’on who would let the opportunity pass to have it in every color possible?!

Shoppin Till I Drop

As for the pants set I am wearing…brace yourselves… it is absolutely FREE! *AVD* has some really nice stuff set out for their group gift (free to join) and her clothing is so worth it and then some. I love the wide legs of the palazzo pants and with the linen texture it is sooo perfect for walking on the boardwalk and beach or spending time hanging out at your home. So if ya wanna check it out the slurl are below…

Miss LT creations and studio


Hope yall like and happy shoppin 🙂

A Warm Introduction



Thanks everyone for deciding to take a peek in at hopefully a start to something interesting. I decided to share with you a tiny piece of second life through my eyes. Lets start with little bit about myself… My name is Leila you can call me LeLe. I am about collectively four and a half years inworld however after dealing with the easily obtainable drama in second life I decided to start over a few times… to say the least! lol.  Through it all a good friend of mine was crazy enough to keep in touch with me through it all. She  decided to roll around in second life with me so ya may see her from time to time in my pics. :

Anyway on to the fun stuff! I have been pretty excited about the growing warm weather  in rl so I decided to bargain hunt for a cute little swimsuit, pull up my hair, and head to the beach! As you can see I am a busty girl (shout out to all my busty ladies in second life! lol) so I went searching for a nice little place to hang out where I might have a chance to meet other people with the same interests of myself. I ended up coming up stumbling upon this slice of island life. It has pretty tropical animals, boats, and hot air balloon rides just to name a few things you could get into. If you all want to check it out here is the slurl…