The Then & Now of Boobies

A while back I had a chitty chat with a friend and one of the things we discussed were implants. First off I guess I can truly say I am a seasoned vet when it comes to wearing implants lol.  I began wearing them in 2011 and pretty much haven’t looked back since. I don’t know what brought other women to the implant community but personally I wanted something to set myself apart from others, be more curvaceous, and just feel completely  different from my previous avi.

What I ended up with (thanks to my oldest friend in sl lol) was an implant wearing chick. I won’t lie my first implant avi had some huge knockers ahahaha.  Since then I have scaled down to a more modest breast size that fits my current personality. One of the things I have loved watching over the course of my time being an implant wearer is the sudden explosion of  the community and with that of course brings so many other creators beginning to pop up, which is a very good thing!  I love the variety a busty girl is able to choose from because although we all may have one thing in common (our boobies), we do not all have the same style.

I love looking on marketplace and typing in search “tango” and coming up with sooo much stuff! I love seeing tattoos and add on’s for boobs even if it’s not my preferred style personally; I could know some ladies out there that  may love to have tattoos and nipple piercings. The point is… we have come so far and who knows what could be next for our community. Only time will tell…

Till next time



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