I Got Soul


worn: !Soul ~ Mesh Harem Outfit + Lolas Tango Pink

Not long ago one of my favorite stores to shop, !Soul,  came out with this outfit as a freebie. Seeing as the summer is coming to an end it feels like a going away present for the warm weather *sighs*… but this group gift is well worth joining the group (5L to join).


The owner is more than generous to her costumers and her prices are phenomenal (all clothing priced around 60L) for absolutely beautiful outfits. She captures the femininity in her clothing that just makes me feel dainty with a kick of sex appeal.  

Oh and the beautiful location is Whispering Wind. Thanks to Fiorella (one of my favorite bloggers!) and the folks over at Bitacora Sl I was able to find this lovely spot to showcase my wonderful freebie find. 






42 Second Life Groups Challenge

group meme

I’m finally doing another meme! Seems it took me a while but this one was really fun completing. Now if only there were more group slots instead of 42!

1. Have you reached the 42 group limit?

Yes I surely have… three time over as a matter of fact ahaha. I always find myself trying to clear up room only to join another group.

2. Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of?

Yes all the time! I try to remember the groups that I have to let go… so I can try and see if they have a subscribe board but with being busy and all it’s tough keeping tabs on everything.

3. What makes you want to join a group?

Well thats simple, the answer is freebies! I love bargain hunting so whenever I find a shop be it up and coming or main stream I love to check out what the designers have to offer. Freebies is the best way to determine if I will buy something from that particular designer .

4. A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees? 

I don’t mind paying a group fee as long as it is justified. I have to feel like it is an active group and not just one paying for me to hear announcements every blue moon. If paying I truly want to feel like it is well worth my group space I am giving up.

5. Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that.

Big Boobie Babes Freebies My all time favorite group not only because of the high saturation of busty women all in one place but the fact that the group members are so helpful it’s like one big family.

Pink Sugah This is one of my favorite groups because the owner is super nice, very generous, and down to earth… oh yeah and her clothes are hot.

Emo-tions A girl always needs spectacular hair and there are freebies galore you cant ask for much else.

group meme 2

Sugar & Cyanide Fat Pack of tops for 49L (limited time only!)

Oh and Ladies I wanted to let ya now that Sugar &Cyanide has a fat pack of their Watch this Too top on sale for 49L! (worn in above pic) It’s such a steal considering the fat packs are usually 500L from what I seen… but you better hurry It won’t be on sale for that much longer. Possibly by the end of the day it will be back to it’s regular price.

Happy Shopping!



Peg Leg Stance



Pants~(Milk Motion) Peg leg trousers – black/white(@the dressing room fusion)

Head~L&H :: Nywele Head wrap ::: native ::(freebie)

Booties~::Fulana’S:: Boots Gift(0L @ Chest Treasures Store)

Top~[Bijou]. Boob-ilicious! LACE(1L on mp)

Jewelry~Beloved Jewelry : Teardrop Jewelry Set in Silver(1L on mp)


I visited The dressing Room Fusion yesterday and picked up these mesh peg leg trousers. After trying them on  the conclusion is I’m simply in love. They look so clean cut and can be versatile for just about any setting be it causal or business although if your trying to keep your meeting professional I wouldn’t suggest wearing the top I have on lol. This lace top by Bijou is super sexy I think the thought that basically the only thing that is keeping this top from staying on my body were a few strings.  I think both the top and pants balance each other out and I could definitely see these peg leg pants going well with a chic blazer too bad I have yet to find a blazer willing to accommodate my bewbs.

hotness 2



Boobie Planet

Pink Sugah Boobie Planet worn .::Pink Sugah::. Midnight – Mono – cat Hey ladies hope the weekend is going wonderfully. I know i personally can’t complain seeing as I did a little bit of shopping at Boobie planet. This round they opened with some really spectacular new goodies… one being this hot number by Pink Sugah. What can i say my love for lace took over and next thing i know it was nice and safe in my inventory ahaha. My favorite is the black lace combinations and priced at 48L I couldn’t resist. Most of the items there are about 50L and are in several styles so don’t forget to check it out 🙂 Have fun! LeLe

Back To Black

back to black_001

Hey ladies hope you all are doing well and having fun in the magical world of second life. I know I have and maybe that is why Iv’e been slacking here but have no fear I’m back and with a nice little goodie from the Black Fair.  First off did any of you all check it out? I don’t know if it’s cause I’m all faired out or the laggy sim but I don’t think I will be going back. Not trying to sound like a grouchy pants but hey it is my own opinion. Don’t get me wrong there are some lovely designers and even those who are offering some freebies and dollarbies… but it is a pet peeve of mine to deal with crazy lag. Oh well anywho I was able to snag this lace black dress at the fair that I really like (DD’s :: Harmony Black Lace Dress Me!) and these thigh high stockings from Izzie’s. Of course both are free 🙂 you have to do some looking around but I am sure you all will find it and much more if you decide to visit The Black Fair.

Till next Time 🙂



Sail On

Rock the Boat 1

Outfit Worn: ~BP~ Tina Green with Mesh Skirt, Top and Lolas Tango Applier * (Black Pearl)

Aah… I just love freebies and even more exploring really really nice sims. It’s been a while since I actually explored inworld but since Monday I have been on a roll with my sim hopping. By chance I was glancing through my feed and stumbled upon a blog mentioning Bitacora so I decided to check it out. I wasn’t going to do a post but I fell in love with the size and attention to detail this is has to offer (turns out I stalled posting anyway lol). In my opinion it’s been a while since I have found a sim I could actually interact with objects and run around having fun oh and REZ objects.

While is was there I received a note card about a gift at a store called Black Pearl. Well if you know enough about me from my previous posts I love this type of outfit. little lace here… short skater skirt there… and I’m officially in love. It’s so simple and can be worn in a casual setting such as hanging out with friends or out clubbing. The sizing of the skirt runs pretty good as well seeing as I was able to pull off a medium and the minty green goes wonderful with my skin who knew!

Rock the Boat

Wearing Faboo bikini isn’t it cute! 🙂

Oh and the boat has some really cute poses… I couldn’t resist slipping on a bikini (from Faboo 0L) and playing around on it. You all really should check this place out its a photographers paradise (well mine anyway hehe)


The Animal In Me

Animal In Me


I haven’t had much of a chance to post much this weekend Iv’e been lounging around inworld at the beach as you can see… and what better way than in this long maxi dress from Pink Sugah. It’s the new gift called Dont Save Me located at Bewbapalooza.  I love that store and have been going there for about a year or so now and the store owner is very talented. All of her success is well deserved and she definitely has her loyal followers craving more (myself included lol) . Atop of this gift she released a gift for reaching 3000 members. It’s Don’t Save Me in a lovely blue. I picked it up and plan to flaunt my curves in it in the near future.

I got several other things today that I want to show you guys but bare with me I am a little behind. It’s so many spectacular freebies out there this week I didn’t even know where to begin.


Oh yeah… what do you all think of my new hair? I been wanting some long hair and this hair makes me feel like such a diva ahaha 🙂

Pretty In Pastels

floralsFrom the very first time I had seen this style of skirt I have been chomping at the bit to get my hands on one of these in both sl and rl. Now I can say FINALLY! Thanks to Marshmallow my sl wish has come true. I hadn’t heard the store till seeing this skirt as a group gift (0L joining fee)  and judging from the perfect fit I will definitely buy from them in the future. Pairing this cute skater skirt with my new top from the Hello Titty Slots I think this whole outfit will be bumped up to my favorite outfit of the summer. What do you all think? 🙂