Shoppin Till I Drop

Hunting…shopping.. and… did I say more hunting???

shoppin till I drop

So I found a couple of good finds yesterday… One being this cute linen Palazzo pants and shirt from *AVD* and; a lovely necklace and earring set from Miss LT. Miss LT creations and studio has going on right now a sale where everything in store is 10L.

Ladies keep in mind this is for a limited time so drop everything and run immediately! She has some hot makeups, sunglasses, clothing and most importantly this beautiful set I am wearing. I snagged the fat pack but will definitely be making another trip. I mean com’on who would let the opportunity pass to have it in every color possible?!

Shoppin Till I Drop

As for the pants set I am wearing…brace yourselves… it is absolutely FREE! *AVD* has some really nice stuff set out for their group gift (free to join) and her clothing is so worth it and then some. I love the wide legs of the palazzo pants and with the linen texture it is sooo perfect for walking on the boardwalk and beach or spending time hanging out at your home. So if ya wanna check it out the slurl are below…

Miss LT creations and studio


Hope yall like and happy shoppin 🙂


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