Take ya to Paradise

worn~[ B! ] :CHICK FLICK: Dresses . 8 colors , Pelle – VERA HAIR BLACK, [: B!ASTA :] :VASTLY: -Floral/Black- Platform high heelstake ya to paradise_001

Over the weekend B!ASTA released this provocative outfit. As you can see it comes with tango/mirage appliers (available on a nifty hud)  in 8 colors. Since purple is one of my favorite colors I couldn’t help myself lol. Oh and don’t worry about the nip slips if wearing tango/mirage you will be nicely covered up… I myself don’t mind a little showing  though lol.

take ya to paradise_002Till next time…




Givin Me Chills

worn~:: Miss Canning :: [ Halloween Hunt 2013] GIFT! [boxed] boots~.:EC:. Luna Overknee

givin me chills

I took a well overdue trip  to Miss Canning and checked out her new creations and while there picked up her hunt item for the Halloween Hunt. All hunt items are free to my knowledge and her gift is absolutely hot. So go grab yours if you like it just as much as myself!

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Loose Buttons

Worn~ Hair~ Magika [03] WaitTop~[ B!ASTA ] :GOTTA RUN: Cropped corset top . 12 colors, pants~.S&C. Sinner Jeans – Blue, Shoes~ %.:EC:. Box Ysaline Heels [Kit2]


I love keeping it casual and looking like the hot girl next door. Thanks to Bomb I think I looked pretty damn cute last night with my tight jeans ( which are mesh) and this oh so cute top from B!ASTA. Bomb has it up for grabs and in an array of colors so if you like my look and want to create your own  girl next door look drop by B!ASTA,  Oh and the bangles I am sportin are also from B!ASTA for only 15L in her gatcha machine so you can take a stab at that as well!

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Walk On Roses

worn~Hair~ Magika [03] Wait, Dress~ ::GIFT JSTYLE:: Mesh Dress black (free group gift) ,shoes~ *Felicity* Shayna Stilettos – Dark Red for Vampire Diaries Hunt(5L)

walk on roses_001

Felicity Shoes is participating in The Vampire Diaries Second Life Hunt and up for grabs is these oh so cool pair of shoes. I know lots of you may have had shoes that allow you to leave print trails…especially if you have gone Neko at some point. However I just love the optional rose attachment that allows you to leave a rose path!

walk on roses_002

walk on roses_004

Can change the platform 4 different colors

 Red roses are so romantic right? You can also change the color of the platform on the shoe if you feel like switching things up a bit. Each hunt item is 5L so these shoes are definitely a steal. The hunt runs till November 30th so you still have plenty of time but don’t wait too long! Oh and as for freebie goodness Jstyle has up for the snatching this mesh black sweater dress. I love how she has the bunching of the fabric in just the right places. Well I think that’s it for now…


Happy shopping!


A Pop of Color


Top~%.:EC:. Box Valeria [Kit2], Jeans~.S&C. Sinner Jeans – Dark, Boots&Bag~[ B! ] :GLAMORIZE: Emerald . Ankle boots and hand bag(available in multiple colors)


Fall is in full swing and B!ASTA has available some really cute purse and booties sets. This set can be paired great with something a little more dressy or you can be like me and go casual. I am just getting into carrying bags and Bomb made it super easy to fall in love with her latest set.


The texture used for the bag and booties are phenomenal and super detailed with gold accents on the zipper of the boots. If you are a bag and most importantly shoe hoarder like myself then stop by B!ASTA and grab these babies up.


She’s a Witch


Pic 1&2~GIFT HALLOWEEN OUTFIT+TANGO & PHAT AZZ JSTYLE,  Hair~.ploom. Stephie – Browns

Pic 3&4~!Soul~Mesh Witch Tuxedo+ Panties+ LolasTg+ Broom+ HatOrange Hair~.ploom. Plume – Browns

I know I have been away for a while but all that matters is the goodies that are up for grabs for Halloween! I have two more goodies to add to my costume list from !SOUL and JSTYLE. The two designers truly pulled out all the stops for Halloween and they both resemble something that the evil queen Regina from one of my favorite tv shows Once Upon A Time would wear. Both outfits are figure hugging yet have a very…unique touch that I just love. So if you are diggin my threads as much as I am go ahead and join both groups it’s well worth it.

this is halloween2

Jtyle Halloween group gift (free to join)

this is halloween3

!SOUL group gift(only 5L to join)

this is halloween1

this is halloween5Luv ya!


Freebie Friday


I got some freebies today I wanted to share with you guys. First up is the green dress from Jstyle (comes with tango and phat azz apps). It kinda reminds me of an outfit I would imagine beetle juice sexy girlfriend would wear if he actually had one lol. Also up for grabs is this anniversary hair by Rumina. All it takes is a joining the group which is also free so you cant beat that!


Here is a link to the Rumina marketplace Store


B!ASTA goodness

~worn~[ B! ] :CHERISH: Corduroy skirt & knit tops (subscriber gift)



B!ASTA came out with a new giftie along with some other new releases.  Don’t forget to grab yours and if not subscribed yet your’e missing out!


Goodies N Treats



costume-:Laney’s: Halloween Group Gift (free for group members & free to join!)

Boots- ::Fulana’S:: Boots Gift

goodies n treats_002I found this cute store name Laney’s today with an adorable Halloween gift release. It comes with tango apps and for you girls with a phat azz you aren’t left hanging either. Seems to me like the heat is on for the must have Halloween costume. I wonder who’s next…



goodies n treats_005

Comes w/ a curly tail


goodies n treats_003

Comes with ears and cute lil wiskers




Your Avatar’s Private Life Challenge


Hair-.ploom. Plume – Browns

Outfit-!Soul Mesh Long Pants + Blazer + LolaTg- Colored/ White(new release!)

Clutch-  {{BSD Design studio}}green clutch (Gift from summer break festival)



1. Meme Suggested by Mr. Jefferson: “What does your avatar get up to after you log out?”

Strawberry jump started a new meme yesterday letting our minds go wild with the thoughts of what our avi’s may be up to while we are gone. I would think Lele  to be more of an explorer than I allow her to be. Definitely trendy and probably ditches the clothes I always force her to wear along with her informal nick name of LeLe. She would be into the finer things in life…. you know… fast cars and beautiful vacation spots, Oh and plenty of sight seeing and pastry eating at cafe’s in gorgeous cities. All in all I think Leila has a pretty snazzy life without me but oh well she will just have to deal until we decide to go our separate ways… after all I am the “bread winner” ahahaha

Oh and my outfit of the day is a new release by !SOUL. It comes with a super cute blazer but my bewbs are a bit too big for it and just about burst at it seams lol… but I am sure some of you smaller cupped girls can wear the blazer just fine. This outfit is available in a multitude of colors and the tops comes in different colors and patterns so check it out. oh! and one last thing (promise!) What do you guys think of my hair? got it at Ploom and it comes with that cute little peacock looking hair piece. It’s available for 175L a pack at the Liaison Collaborative.


Happy shopping!