Boobie 411

So your’e thinking about taking the leap into implant land huh? Congratulations I’m so proud of you lol! There are so many ways to learn more about prim/mesh breasts and so many looks that one can go for.  I know some people tend to worry about if add on breasts will look odd on their shapes… but trust me there is a set of tits with your name on it out there ahahaha. Due to the different shapes and of course being able to make your soon to be new sets of boobs any size your heart desires. With a little bit of research and some decision making you will soon be in boobie bliss.

A couple of things you should ask yourself before buying your boobs are:

  • What do I want to do with my boobs show them off or play with them? (yes some boobs have menu kinda like xcite lol) or both
  • What is my budget?- a pair of boobs can range from a couple hundred Linden to nearly two thousand Linden.
  •  Am I open to using a HUD to work with my boobs?
  • Do I prefer a more natural shape or something more animated?

With those questions answered you can narrow down a few brands that might best fit you

Some of the most popular brands are:

  • Lola’s Natural/Push up/ Tango
  • Lush Breasts
  • Tiny Things BBusty Magnus Ubera (I wear these)
  • V string(I wear these)
  • Puffy

With the ground breaking fitmesh coming on to the scene the boobie options are becoming endless and only getting better. Popular brands such as Lolas & Vstrings currently offer a fitmesh alternative as well as Tiny Things. Some new brands of fitmesh I have ran into are:

  • Cherry Bombs (can be found on MP w/ demo)
  • Venus (can be found on MP w/ demo)

As I run into more options I will be sure to update

For Additional reading and tips visit and for pictures and motivational breast ideas check out Busted Magazine or Bazoombas Magazine.

If you have any questions or need any help contact me inworld I am more than happy to help. (leilamontant resident)


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