Forest Fun

forest fun2

Click for Slurl to Alice Project

So I went to Alice project and fell head over heels in love with this hair. It’s so dramatic and I love love LOVE the options she allows the costumers. I decided to wear my hair dark with a little bit of light brown highlights for some color. 

I must warn though that if your’e new to purchasing from her that you read the instructions before buying because there are two options you may choose from. However I will definitely buy from her again seeing as it was well worth it… I mean look at those tresses!


forest fun

Click for link to Tiny Things market place store

     Also I am wearing a crochet dress in salmon from Tiny Things, boy oh boy do I love that store. First off all the clothes are truly priced for a girl on a serious budget.  Tiny Things is my go to store when I am in need of an outfit that will win me a costume contest lol. Available for purchase is a zombie cheerleader, pirate wench, Ghost Lady and much much more. The store owner is truly talented.

forest fun

Click for slurl to Enchanted~Unicorn Sanctuary and Magical Forest

  All clothes are between the range of 1L-50L and if you like the look of my Tata’s they are also from them! I always wear tiny things magnus ubera just love the shape of them and not too overwhelming  to look at. Most importantly they are priced outstandingly low for all that you can do with them and with the breasts comes a hud (I like huds for my boobs personally lol). Skins are sold for the magnus ubera however I found this skin with a tango applier and loved it way more which brings up the fact that not only is magnus ubera tango clothing compatible but also skin applier compatible! I was so excited when I read those words because I like to keep things simple yet neat when it comes to my avi lol. The tango compatible attachment is only 45L and well worth it in my opinion…

 For my photos I chose a beautiful forest with unicorns and waterfalls. Its just gorgeous! My photo editing is very minimal because the land is just breath taking. if you love hanging around places with wonderful natural beauty the enchanted forest is a definite must visit. As you can see unicorns are EVERYWHERE lol and they have a little quest you can do while there that might be fun.


Till next time!



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