A Warm Introduction



Thanks everyone for deciding to take a peek in at hopefully a start to something interesting. I decided to share with you a tiny piece of second life through my eyes. Lets start with little bit about myself… My name is Leila you can call me LeLe. I am about collectively four and a half years inworld however after dealing with the easily obtainable drama in second life I decided to start over a few times… to say the least! lol.  Through it all a good friend of mine was crazy enough to keep in touch with me through it all. She  decided to roll around in second life with me so ya may see her from time to time in my pics. :

Anyway on to the fun stuff! I have been pretty excited about the growing warm weather  in rl so I decided to bargain hunt for a cute little swimsuit, pull up my hair, and head to the beach! As you can see I am a busty girl (shout out to all my busty ladies in second life! lol) so I went searching for a nice little place to hang out where I might have a chance to meet other people with the same interests of myself. I ended up coming up stumbling upon this slice of island life. It has pretty tropical animals, boats, and hot air balloon rides just to name a few things you could get into. If you all want to check it out here is the slurl… http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Endless%20Horizons/50/250/3202



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