A Better Day

better days

better days

B!ASTA Twelve olive green (for slink medium feet) for Twisted Hunt
B!ASTA LGL an old fashioned melody (sage)
B!ASTA broken smoke swirls (gacha) 25L a play

B!ASTA has a fun trail of hunt items for both men and women for the twisted hunt. I’m wearing the strappy platform heels for slink medium feet. These cute heels are spread throughout the mainstore in an array of colors (6 colors!). Upon collecting all of the items you will find the main prize to the hunt (fun huh :D) and for the gacha fanatics Bomb also has a twisted gacha machine with nail polish for the slink hands. Last but definitely not least La Gazza Ladra by B!ASTA has some new releases and even a group gift (50L join fee). Everything from the new La Gazza Ladra clothing store is darling and lots and lots of mesh for all my mesh lovers out there. I couldn’t resist wearing this darling skirt with a cute ribboned bow set low on the hips.  Expect La Grazza Ladra to have just as much detail and plenty of hot items coming in the future.

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