Bright Lights Big City

bright lights big city     bright lights big city clogs closeup

bright lights big city purple candy clog hud

holy mole look at these clog options!

.:Glamorize:. Star Semi-Sheer Lips

[MAG] BLANCA [essentials 02]

::Purple Candy::Sandy Clog

insight. Body Electric. yellow

Edgy and fun are the two words that come to mind when wearing the new heels by Purple Candy. These stiletto clogs come available with a gold accented zipper option (being worn above) as well as a silver accented zipper option. Not only do these cutesy clogs come available with two zipper options but there’s also three varied fabrics and tons of colors that will fit just about any outfit.  I chose to pair it with these new age high-waist acid wash jeans . You all should know by now I love almost anything that will accentuate my waist so I absolutely love this outfit! Also ladies if you love my hair be sure to drop by [MAG] they are having a 99L hair sale! 😀

till next time!



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