Essence of Summer

essence of summer

star shadow Bolero light green

A&Ana F.J. Awesome Flower Earrings(@TDRF)

Analog Dog – lara dark

.SALT – SYRA Heels V1(@ Naughty Nitch Fair July 1st- July 21st))

.::FLG::. Naughty Short – Denim

Summer is in full swing and what better reason to walk around half naked :p. I been away for the week on vacay (worst vacation ever! lol) and once returning I immediately did some retail therapy. I love mixing and matching different designer items so this time around I have a lovely medley that works wonderful together. It all began on marketplace once I realized I am seriously lacking tops and I totally hit the jackpot with this beautiful crochet crop top. There is an optional ruffle collar however It was a bit too much for my tastes which really makes a statement with these lovely earrings by A&A which are available at the dressing room fusion. I’m slowly warming up to more accessories and lately every time I pay TDRF a visit I always leave out with something lol… My sky high heels are from .SALT and can be found at the Naughty Nitch Fair along with an array of other colors.


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