Wait A Minute




Hair-little bones. Blue Monday – GIFT (unpacked)

Makeup-MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner So Cute

Dress-.SALT – LBD Wings

Shoes-ESQ. + Penelope Points / MID / (Referee) Group Gift FEB

Hey girls

I been a bit under the weather for the past couple days but I’m finally shaking it off. First let’s start with the gifties. I don’t know if you have heard of Little Bones but if not you definitely need to take notice. They have some of the cutest hairs and to top it all off they have excellent customer service. If you join their group (free to join) they are constantly giving away hairs to their v.i.p’s.

Another store I’ve just been hipped to is Esque. I love collecting shoes just as much as any other girl and when I can snag a free pair of slink shoes I am definitely jumping on that! The gift is actually two pairs of shoes for the slink medium feet one with the upper intricate design black (pictured above) and they give you the same shoe in white.

Last but definitely not least I pulled things all together with this edgy dress by .SALT. I chose to wear the winged dress although there are other options including a spider, cross, and an X.

Happy shopping



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