My Bae Comin Over



salt2Pic#1 .SALT – Garter Love V2 – Blush, Analog Dog Hair-Sassafras Pack(in sale section, Hucci Glynco Pumps (previous gift)

Pic#2 .SALT – Kyla Body – BLUSH

Pic #3 .SALT – Madoka Top [Blush], .SALT – Sweet Latex Pants – NUDE

I apologize in advance for my absence. Things in real as well as in SL have been hectic out of my mind but I am back now and with great new releases from .SALT. Releases that will leave your man(or woman) drooling. My favorite out of everything is the sheer Madoka top. Leave it to the designers at .SALT to release something sheer yet oh so classy. Who knows where I could wear a sheer top in public but I surely will flounce around in my skybox with it lol. All releases are available at the mainstore and if apart of the group you should be! She has up for grabs the Madoka Top in a beautiful purple color.

Oh yeah I also wanted to point out my extra curves :). I decided to try out Sking. I know many are loyal supporters of Luck Inc. Phat Azz… and so am I to an extent. However my friend managed to talk me into getting a Sking Braszilia ass and I must say I am growing to really like it. I hope to do a review coming soon in case your’e on the fence about getting yourself a new booty ahaha.

Happy Shopping!



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