Icy Hot



Top~::FLG Gigi Shirt With Bra – HUD App Lolas/Phat Azz 10 colors ::

Panties~::FLG Lace Panties Maite + Hud Phat Azz   12 Colors::

Boots~N-core GROUP GIFT-Winter Boots “Christmas”

Lipstick~Pink Acid BDJ Doll Lips 9 Color Pack (cherry red)

I got a chance to pick up the new group gift from N-Core and cheese on crackers was it crowded! I don’t think I ever seen that many women in one spot in quite a long time. It goes to show how much N-Core is loved. What makes me love them even more is the fact I could wear these boots along with my phat azz! You all don’t know how giddy I can be when I learn something is phat azz compatible lol. I paired it with a recent release my GiGi shirt from FLG but couldn’t bare to put on some darn pants once I got my hands on these ultra sexy lace panties from them. My panties and the shirt come in a variety of color… ten to be exact so you get a really big bang for your little buck.

Happy Holidays!



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