I’m Such a Hucci

worn~ ::HH:: Hucci Ikela Limited Edition Boots – Onyx, [Gang/Cold] Esme Suit Mosaic, /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair – Browns Pack


I don’t participate in black friday in real life however in SL I jumped at every deal that was to good to pass up… and it all started this morning with the unforgettable Hucci. Select footwear is available up to 80% off and included in the sale are these smokin hot thigh high boots. As you can see I have on my Phat Azz so yes they are Phat Azz compatible and non Phat Azz compatible.

I paired it up with this delicious swimsuit from Gang/Cold which I am officially calling one of my favorite stores inworld. Available in the new store are some ultra cute socks as well as more sales so check them out as well. So there you have it!

Have fun and get those Deals



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