Gone Wit Da Wind Fabulous

worn~ [ B!ASTA ] :FOR A DRINK OR TWO: Tank tops – 8 colors, Alice Project (wind wipped) hair, *Felicity* Trista Stilettos – Mega Pack of 16 Shiny High Heels,


Seems so much has happened since my little “vacay” from SL… and must I say I came back to some really good deals. Lets start with B!ASTA who have up for grabs a super sassy top with jewel like detailing at the neck. The top is available in various jewel colors so you won’t ever get bored with this versatile top… and to think I have already paired it with jeans as well as a skin tight pencil skirt.

If you haven’t noticed my feet by now I am deeply in love with Felicity Shoes latest release. She has out this pair of gladiator type platform heels in 16 colors and recently also included some freebies for her V.I.P.’s. It is a 30L group fee however she treats her members like royalty (currently 20 free pairs of shoes available). You better hurry though because that enrollment fee will rise soon to 50L (still a steal to me though!).


Well that’s it for now. If I keep on yapping you all will never get to the stores. ha!

Till next time… 🙂



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