Your Avatar’s Private Life Challenge


Hair-.ploom. Plume – Browns

Outfit-!Soul Mesh Long Pants + Blazer + LolaTg- Colored/ White(new release!)

Clutch-  {{BSD Design studio}}green clutch (Gift from summer break festival)



1. Meme Suggested by Mr. Jefferson: “What does your avatar get up to after you log out?”

Strawberry jump started a new meme yesterday letting our minds go wild with the thoughts of what our avi’s may be up to while we are gone. I would think Lele  to be more of an explorer than I allow her to be. Definitely trendy and probably ditches the clothes I always force her to wear along with her informal nick name of LeLe. She would be into the finer things in life…. you know… fast cars and beautiful vacation spots, Oh and plenty of sight seeing and pastry eating at cafe’s in gorgeous cities. All in all I think Leila has a pretty snazzy life without me but oh well she will just have to deal until we decide to go our separate ways… after all I am the “bread winner” ahahaha

Oh and my outfit of the day is a new release by !SOUL. It comes with a super cute blazer but my bewbs are a bit too big for it and just about burst at it seams lol… but I am sure some of you smaller cupped girls can wear the blazer just fine. This outfit is available in a multitude of colors and the tops comes in different colors and patterns so check it out. oh! and one last thing (promise!) What do you guys think of my hair? got it at Ploom and it comes with that cute little peacock looking hair piece. It’s available for 175L a pack at the Liaison Collaborative.


Happy shopping!





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