Candy Crusha

worn .S&C. Star Corset – Pink   (previously on sale @ sugar & cyanide)

*HolliPocket* Shorty Kiss Me’s + AZZ APPLIERS! (click me to go to Candy Fair!)

Pink Acid 1L$ Only Gift ❤ (@ Candy Fair)

/Wasabi Pills/ Sarah Mesh Hair – Crystal violet

I want candyYesterday I gave in to temptation and visited the Candy fair…but don’t worry I was a good girl and stuck to the freebies (actually dollarbies) this time around lol. It’s so many stores there it kind of reminds me of the hair fair all over again however I would say the way the candy fair is  fairly organized so finding the boobie friendly clothing was a cinch. Among the things I found were these adorably naughty shorts (comes in three other colors).

Who doesn’t love a little writing on their butt sometimes? I know i do… especially after what happened to me today. It all started while shopping around.  I bumped into this little family and the father was talking to the son about what girl he prefers and then somehow I was dragged into the convo. Long story short the son made a comment about my dark skin and then went on to say “If you get light skinned feel free to look me up.” He soon after apologized (thanks to his mother) but I guess after being in second life for a period of time and wandering around I forget how people can have a complex when it comes to skin color, shapes, and sizes. I know not everyone will have the same opinion of beauty however I do believe that we all should respect one another and even applaud those who choose to go against the grain and be different.

I want candy

But back to the clothing…*steps off soap box* lol. This look really came together swiftly because one moment I was looking around the fair and the next I heard through the grapevine that Wasabi had some super cute hairs up for sale in honor of the 50L Friday. It comes in this purple and a pink. I love not only the gathering of the hair to the side but also how the braid wraps around the loose flowing hair.  After visiting wasabi and buying not only this hair but a few others I made it to Sugar and Cyanide just in time to catch her huge sale she had running till today. I literally was shopping as she was clearing out the store ahaha… but she was nice enough to give me a little bit of time and as a result I bought this bubbly pink corset with white stars on it.  That wraps up my haul for yesterday. I hope you all get to make it to the candy fair it’s well worth the visit.

Have fun!



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