Fly Freebies


Pic 1&2: Barely Legal – Sucker Punch Angels (Grape), Slink Hands w/ Hello Dave Stiletto Manicure (free here), boots: Stella Zip Lace Over Knee Boots (not free found here)

Pic 3: phat azz controversy PHAT AZZ & LOLAS – TANGO freebie

Pic 4: .:Dystorted:. Alley Half top Tee Pink (I’m Perfect You Adjust) (freebie)

Pic 5: .:Dystorted:. Alley Half top Tee Pink (Panty Check) (freebie)

Fly Freebies3

Last night was freebie heaven for me inworld. While out looking around and shopping with my friend Alanna we stumbled upon some really yummy things. First stop was to barely legal where they had up on the Midnight Mania Board this seductively angelic outfit up for grabs. It comes in grape and fuchsia as well as a lace top besides the net I am wearing.

Fly Freebies5After leaving Barely Legal we made our way over to Virtual Attire who just so happened to be  joining in on the Phat Azz craze. I must say the best part about something new is the abundance of freebies and trust me the designers are pulling in all the stops for those Phat Azz loving chicks.

Fly Freebies1

After grabbing up my dress we just so happened to make our way to Dystorted when a party jumped off in the new Dystorted Alley. It was a nice crowd and the ladies came in all shapes and sizes (majority were boobie girls) and best of all was the freebies they had positioned all over the room. I snagged a few freebie t shirts and out of all of them my favorite was the “I’m Perfect You Adjust”.

Fly Freebies8



Fly Freebies7


I think overall I pulled in a good haul of freebies and I know I barely scraped the surface considering a new hunt has started at Chest Treasure Mall. Definitely check out Dystorted they way more freebies than I mentioned… *sighs* so many freebies so little time!

Till next time




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