My Body So Boob-lish


Pic 1:[BOOB-LiSH] Group gift Juni#02 (soft pink body suit)

Pic 2&3: [BOOB-LiSH] Lovely Corset teal

Pic 4:[BOOB-LiSH] Swimsuit grey/white

Boots:Stella Zip Lace Over Knee Boots :: Black Leather by Vlad Blackburn 

I just love stumbling upon great stores… and this weekend I did just that when visiting Boob-lish. It really all began when hearing about a few hunts and freebies. Next thing I knew I was sim hopping and looking around at some stores.

The first thing that caught my eye at Boob-lish  was this cute body suit. the little skin on the stomach exposed is sooo flirty and the pale pink with sheer areas is just delicate and classy.  This outfit is a group gift so you it’s no harm done to your pockets(group fee 0L).

gettin dirty 5


Of course my mind wanders and I ended up hitting it big at the lucky letter board (yay me!). My winnings were this hot green corset so I decided to show it to you guys


gettin dirty 8

Along with my backside ahaha.. I just love that little peekaboo look and of course this corset is not for the timid but I just love how sexy it looks on especially when feeling naughty. What do you all think?


gettin dirty 6


The last thing i picked up from Boob-lish was the second of the group gifts available. It’s a simple white swim suit. I figured you can never have enough swim wear in SL so I grabbed it . It’s a winner in my opinion and three words come to mind to best describe it… sexy, sophisticated, and flirty.

gettin dirty 10


Hopefully you all get to check out Boob-lish soon trust me it’s well worth the visit. 



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