Sail On

Rock the Boat 1

Outfit Worn: ~BP~ Tina Green with Mesh Skirt, Top and Lolas Tango Applier * (Black Pearl)

Aah… I just love freebies and even more exploring really really nice sims. It’s been a while since I actually explored inworld but since Monday I have been on a roll with my sim hopping. By chance I was glancing through my feed and stumbled upon a blog mentioning Bitacora so I decided to check it out. I wasn’t going to do a post but I fell in love with the size and attention to detail this is has to offer (turns out I stalled posting anyway lol). In my opinion it’s been a while since I have found a sim I could actually interact with objects and run around having fun oh and REZ objects.

While is was there I received a note card about a gift at a store called Black Pearl. Well if you know enough about me from my previous posts I love this type of outfit. little lace here… short skater skirt there… and I’m officially in love. It’s so simple and can be worn in a casual setting such as hanging out with friends or out clubbing. The sizing of the skirt runs pretty good as well seeing as I was able to pull off a medium and the minty green goes wonderful with my skin who knew!

Rock the Boat

Wearing Faboo bikini isn’t it cute! 🙂

Oh and the boat has some really cute poses… I couldn’t resist slipping on a bikini (from Faboo 0L) and playing around on it. You all really should check this place out its a photographers paradise (well mine anyway hehe)



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