My SL Movie Poster Challenge

movie poster meme

Well I’m back and at it again. It was fun having a couple days off from everything but I am back! and what better way to get the creative juices flowing than doing a fun little meme right? Thanks to Strawberry Singh I chose to do a meme for a movie poster. Mine was inspired by this 50’s move Attack of the 50ft Woman. This challenge was done a while ago but hey better late than never right?

For some reason I like the whole 50’s era so with that being said I went searching for some ideas on movies of that time and with a twist of my own came up with this poster. Fun right? When I finally finished my poster I was thinking who knew a short skirt high heel wearing girl could look so scary ahaha. This is my very first meme and now I know why people do them. I thought it was pretty fun so I think I will make it a habit doing these meme’s. If you all happened to have done this challenge I am curious to see what ya came up with so please put a link to yours so I can see it 🙂



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