Crazy In Love w/ Ooh La La


worn: (pic 1):::OhLaLa:::: TANGOKINI white/pink,

(pic 2) :::OhLaLa::Pink Power with Tango Apllier/::::OhLaLa :::: Pink Shorts Free ! 

Damn I love weekends! I nearly fainted when I went into OhLaLa. I loved how her whole style brings off an aura of sexiness with a dash of innocence. I don’t know how I never even heard of this store until now. I feel so left behind lol. but its better late than never and with that being said off I went to look around. The shop has a really good sale going on right now, 50% off so everything is around 75L and under (most things are under fifty linden).


I think another thing I loved about this store was not only it’s adorable decor but the fact the owner has up brand spanking new items in the lucky chair…. Like who does that??? With that alone I was determined to support her store and bought several items. Freebie chicks this is the store to definitely visit, she has a whole wall dedicated to you!

Till next time…




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