My Goodies

ImageHere I am at it again with this mesh! But this time I am in a beautiful long skirt and tank top by a store called sexy peach. I loved the brightness of the green and pairing it with white it’s just so refreshing and whats even better is the fact that its for a woppin 0L! The only hang up I could think of is the fact that for the curvier girls it may be an issue with the skirt. my hips were barely fitting in that little number but for a freebie whats not to try.

Oh and whatcha think of my new skin? It’s funny cause initially I was planning to invest in some slink hands or feet but then ended up somehow on Strawberry Singh’s blog (hehe my mind wanders what can I say). She had up a post about a 100L sale at Glam Affair (never heard of em but she looked fab lol) so I checked it out and the rest is history. The point is If you all are in need of a skin now is the time. the fat packs are 800L, the single skins are 100, and the tango skin app is 250 I believe… you seriously cant beat that. Glam Affair  



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