Desert Rock

desert rock 2

Busty Boutique freebie @ chest treasures

desert rock1

Lately inworld I have been having a craving for mesh… and my wish was granted thanks to the owner of Busty Boutique. She has a location now in Chest Treasures (a mall especially for the busty chicks ;P) I don’t have many pants let alone leather ones so I must say i am loving the look! As for the belt, which is also mesh, i was a bit iffy on it but with the outfit as a whole I was very happy with the finished product.

I also went to tdrf and got some poses by label motion (2 out of 6 shown). i think they are cute and subtle in taste and a steal for 50L They had a second set but I was unsure about them because of my bewbs lol. I know I will definitely give that store a try in the future. For some reason this weeks selection at tdrf didnt’t offer much for implant wearer but I still love them lol. Besides theres always next weeks round ahahaha Lastly I came across a store called *FashionNatic* and I loved some of the outfits sold there. ladies you ever heard of them? I admit I was guilty of pervin someones profile ahaha but usually it’s well worth it when I do cause lo and behold I found fashionatic. They have some reallllly cute outfits that I think are hell of a steal for all you get (outfit, shoes, and bag). So hopeufully I can stop being indecisive and finally pick a damn outfit already! Till next time 🙂 LeLei


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