Tits Up in the Sun


Tits Up deep pink monokini hunt hint “oh thats cuckoo”

oh my gosh it’s like hunt after mouth watering hunt lately inworld and with so much going on inworld as well as in my day to day life I haven’t had the chance to post anything. But at last here I am and with two goodies from this “Summer Lovin Hunt”. Each item is for 1L and its wayyyyy worth it. First up is from tits up… and I must say its quite sexy and thus far my favorite kini for the summer season.


Drop Dead Gorgeous skins hunt hint:”black and pink are my favorite colors”

Last but difinitely not least is this mocha skin from Drop Dead Gorgeous Skins. My jaw dropped when I saw how fine of a quality this skin literally was and for just 1L once it rezzed I wanted to fist pump lol.

To take a look at all the items up for grabs visit big boobie babes blog http://www.bigboobiebabes.com/


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